New consortia

This goal requires significant investment and support to expand current research strengths and create new research programs of strategic importance and aligned with the academic mission. IU is investing resources into the launch of two new research institutes:

  • Convergent Bioscience and Technology Institute (CBATI)
  • Institute for Human Health and Wellbeing (H2W)

To aid these endeavors, we have launched four new Indianapolis-based research consortia designed to complement the new Indianapolis-based institutes by providing expertise in:

  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • informatics
  • community-engaged research impacing health equity outcomes
  • sustainability

Goals of the new consortia

These consortia will aid in bringing faculty from multiple disciplines across campus to collaborate around these topic areas in support of the research initiatives stemming from the institutes.

The main activities of the consortia include:

  • Identifying researchers within IU Indy and the School of Medicine to develop a talent network of thought leaders.
  • Identifying and cataloging external funding opportunities or sponsorships for associated research.
  • Coordinating and stewarding collaborative teams to seek potential external funding opportunities.
  • Organizing speaker series, symposia, seminars, or research summits to facilitate research collaboration and dissemination.
  • Coordinating networking opportunities for faculty and researchers across campus.
  • Generating recommendations and strategies to double research (i.e., research expenditure) related to these topics over the next 5 years.
  • Identifying opportunities and setting goals for dissemination of research generated through, or supported by, the consortium.